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Thank you to Andrea for her professional approach to helping with my health concerns. She does an excellent job of drilling down and helping to determine the most important areas of need. She focused on these areas and provided me with suggestions that were attainable for my success.

Andrea took time to discuss frustrations and concerns regarding reaching my goals outlined at the beginning of my coaching. She helped me to reign in these hurdles and bring control into place. Many approaches were discussed for success while working through the processes outlined for better health.

Andrea's caring words are very beneficial in the aspects of mental, spiritual and physical healing. Thanks Andrea for all your help and ending our time together with many tools to continue moving forward in my quest for better health.

~ Deb

Andrea has so many giftings and is driven by her desire to help others and glorify the LORD. Her decades of clinical experience in traditional Western medicine, desire to get to the "root cause" and use holistic/alternative methods, makes her an invaluable wealth of knowledge in helping you optimize your health. I am confident that she will help you explore pathways to healing in your own life, as she has in mine!

~ Michelle

Andrea has been a friend and health coach to me for 2 years. She has helped me to improve my sleep, gain more energy, eat right, and even manage my pain. After I had a major surgery on my cervical spine, she introduced me to patches that immediately removed my pain. She has analyzed my labs and provided her knowledge of appropriate supplementation and natural remedy best suited for my medical needs. Most recently, she analyzed my DUTCH test and directed me in the right path to balance my hormones in a natural way. In addition to providing counseling for my physical needs, she has prayed with me for wisdom from the Lord to address any issues of my heart condition that correlates to my health issues. She is patient, caring , and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to a natural way to get the body back on track. I highly recommend everyone consult with Andrea for your physical needs. She will become your lifelong friend in doing so.

~ April

I cannot more highly recommend Andrea Erickson. She has a heart of gold and a knowledge depth that is deep. She truly cares about her clients! I was specifically in great need in January when my health was struggling following a bout of Covid. Andrea was able to point me to a protocol that was so timely and extremely effective in helping me get well. I cannot thank her enough and more highly recommend her to others!

~ Nicole

The love of God shines through Andrea in the compassion and care she gives to me. She uses the gifts God has given her, and I’m forever grateful that He brought her into my life.

Struggling with several health issues, I am extremely thankful for Andrea’s expertise in holistic health. I believe she not only prevented a serious cardiac issue but also helped me significantly lower my inflammation markers by following her recommendations. Combined with her love, care, and compassion, I feel truly blessed to have her as my health coach.

~ Cheri

My family is so blessed to have Andrea in our lives. We as a society are raised up to believe pharmaceuticals are always the answer to every ailment and I’m thankful for Andrea’s extensive knowledge and research that points to more natural earth based care. I firmly believe I wouldn’t be here today if she didn’t help me get my blood pressure and many other afflictions under control after having my fourth baby. She has helped me with migraines, and most importantly, she has been there for me when my children were in need. I promise, you want this woman in your life. She is a very caring, intelligent , and valuable resource!


Andrea has been a huge help for me in my journey to live a healthier lifestyle and just feel better in general! Her positive remedies are numerous. The autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with years ago, is now controlled without medication, and I am so grateful.


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