Are you frustrated because you don't feel well, but have been told...

"Your labs are all normal."

"It's probably just stress."

"Have you tried losing weight?"

"You're getting older; it's normal to feel tired."

If so, please don't despair! Know that there is hope!

Welcome to Joysong Wellness!

Hello and welcome! I'm Andrea. Having overcome a victim mentality and my own health struggles, I now use my experiences to guide others toward natural healing.

At Joysong Wellness, I specialize in helping women address the root causes of their health struggles through a holistic approach that nurtures mind, body, and spirit from a Christian perspective.

By incorporating insights from functional medicine and integrative, holistic modalities, I guide you through self-discovery to uncover the root problems holding you back.

My goal is to help you break free from whatever is holding you back and empower you with the knowledge and tools to live a healthier, more vibrant, and abundant life!

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